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cooMbe Abbey park

Humans are travel thirsty, a wanderer and a learner.  For many years, humans travelled around the globe via sea routes in search of new or for leisure. This habit still lingered within the hearts of modern human.
Today also, humans travel around the world for education, to get acquainted with new and socialize under the diverse colors of the globe. Coombe Abbey Country Park in Coventry in England is one such exotic place to visit at least once with family.


Situated in Coventry, England, Coombe Abbey Country Park is an astounding family destination to visit. Well dressed with 900 years
of ancient history and beauty, the Park is named on an ancient Cistercian abbey. The park is not just a piece of land with bouquets of flowers and decorated gardens, but it occupies over 500 acres of pristine land as wee as protects wildlife sanctuary all along within it. The diverse landscape designed brown is ideal for everyone to spend quite an attractive time period.


Nowadays it’s hard to find a piece of land on the heart of Earth, which is enhanced with flora & fauna up to the level of human satisfaction. Even if we managed to find some, we would find it entrapped
or enclosed, unlike the Coombe Abbey country park, where you can find a silent conversation going on between nature and people! And that’s the answer to the question “Why visit Coombe Country Park,
Coventry?” The exotic woodlands, the charming lakeside walks, gardens over a stretch of 500 acres of land, would make you bound to get mesmerized!

The park also has a hotel on site which in association with Steamy Carpet Cleaner of Coventry has been put forward for a nomination of fantastic business awards.

Apart from the scenic beauty, the rustic trails and formal gardens would let you get closer to graceful swans and ducks. Anyone one
in love with birds would not get disappointed if he or she just takes the
binoculars with them. Apart from birds, deer are there to entertain you. Hungry? No need to worry, just keep some cash with you and you are good to go with meals or snacks at Kiosks. There are more reasons for “Why visit Coombe Abbey Country Park”, which can be as follows. You can hop from one pond to another watching the playfulness of each individual ecosystem, even for the visitors to have a close look; you can catch tadpoles and small fishes too.

Still question? Let’s clarify then. Among the numerous awards won by Coombe Abbey Country Park for their excellence, quality, management, conservation and all other aspects, Green Flag, Trip advisor’s certificate of excellence in 2016 deserves special mention. Apart from it, for the last 40 years, it proclaimed SSSI status and also received Visit England's Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme and Natural England's Country Park accreditation.


In spite of excellence and beauty, the Coventry Park is getting suspended due to overuse of Barbecues which in turn increases
the risk of catching fire. The spokesperson of the Park opened his mouth regarding this matter. So as a tourist and visitor, it should be our duty to preserve the natural beauty of the park and act as such that we never had to see the park closed ever.

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